Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I found it!!

I don't know about you, but I've been searching for a good foundation ever since I started wearing makeup. My mom got me a rather expensive brand of foundation when I first started wearing makeup, and it worked for a while, but the as it aged it got more yellow-y and felt heavier and more oily on my skin. It also wore off really fast. Which sucked, because we thought that the more expensive brand would be better, right? Wrong. Then my mom stopped buying my makeup so I had to forge my own way (I went the drugstore route, pauper slash penny-pincher that I am) One dried out my skin. Another was too oily. All of them were to yellow, or too pink, or too dark. None of them were worth my money. And then I found Loreal Paris's true match foundation. The search is officially over! It goes on sheer, but it's buildible. It stays on well without a primer. It never feels oily, and it sinks into your skin instead of sitting on top of it. It feels like your skin, and it looks like your skin, but it's a smoother, softer, more even-toned, more awesome version of your skin. My life just changed. I am amazed. And It's $8.99. And there are 32 shades, last I checked, so you can find your perfect shade. Seriosuly, if you have had a bad history with foundation, go get this, you will be amazed.