Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Thoughts on Isaiah 51:7-8

7“Hear me, you who know what is right,
you people who have my law in your hearts:
Do not fear the reproach of men
or be terrified by their insults.
8For the moth will eat them up like a garment;
the worm will devour them like wool.
But my righteousness will last forever,
my salvation through all generations

Verse 7a- This part of the verse is just really encouraging to me. Because I know God, I KNOW what is right. He has implanted in me a sixth sense of discernment, and it is my choice to either listen to it or ignore it.

Verse 7b-8- I love this section so much!! It's just kind of a wakeup call for me. we spend so much time worrying what others think about us, whether they like us or not, if they think we're pretty/funny/smart, etc. but NONE OF THAT MATTERS!! It doesn't matter how cruel or how crazy or how oppressing the world is, men are powerless compared to God. They are nothing. They can torment you here on earth, but they'll never be able to do anything to your soul unless you let go of your hold of God. And once you get to heaven, they can't even try to do anything to you. Think of it this way: your life here is not even a tiny section of your whole life, but this is the opportunity God has given to you to choose to fear Him. When you deliberately choose to glorify God in spite of the circumstances and all the other options that are thrown at you here on earth, God will reward you with something EVERLASTING. Something untouchable. Unending fellowship with Him. Does that not sound amazing??

So, in the end, God defeats the bad guys that have been tormenting you your whole mortal life and whisks you away to His everlasting, unending paradise where you get to forget all the trauma that happened to you on earth and spend forever-forever!- with the God that created the universe, was always there for you, always listened, who cried when you cried, who laughed when you laughed, who loves you unconditionally, who loved you so much that He sacrificed his son-His son!! For you!! He loves you that much.

So I would say He's worth paying attention to.


  1. Verse 7b-8 is one of my favs in this passage! Too often girls like me tend to take other people's hurtful words to heart, when, all in all, God's opinion is the only one that matters.

    Thanks for keeping me encouraged, Annie! :)

    1. You're awesome, Hannah!! I love you!!