Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Simple Summer Beauty

So recently I discovered how ridiculous liquid foundation looked and felt during warm weather… it takes way longer to apply, too. And I’m also going to several camps and a mission trip, so I’m not really wanting to be fussing with my makeup. So, I devised a summer makeup routine for myself. It involves four makeup items and can be added to or subtracted too accordingly.
First, apply a concealer to dark circles and any places where you tend to get red (nose, chin, etc.)Blend with either your fingers or a brush, whichever you prefer. Then, using a fluffy brush, blend a translucent powder foundation over your face, focusing mainly your T-zone, where you tend to get oily. Apply a waterproof brown eyeliner to your waterline and thickly around your upper lashline. Blend like a maniac. (It should end up looking less like an eyeliner and more like a matte eyeshadow.) Set by tapping a little bit of your face powder over the top with your finger. (This will keep it from creasing  and help it stay put longer.) Apply two coats of waterproof mascara to top and bottom lashes, and you’re done!! Simple, fast, unfussy beauty for the most sweltering, humid, oven-like days of summer.

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