Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Look I'm Into

The of-course-I-got-8-hours-of-sleep makeup-

As memories of the blissful laziness of spring break fade into a black hole of oblivion and the shackles of normal life settle into place, I am finding myself in an unending state of exhaustion. The amount of sleep I get on a normal night is ridiculously low, and the time it takes to cover up the obvious signs of exhaustion chips yet more precious minutes from my sleep. The solution: rather forceful and top-heavy black eyeliner and blush. These two makeup items make you look instantly more awake, and infinitely better rested. In the end, this makeup look provides a solution for the multitude of people who constantly make comments about how tired you look. The equivalent of eight hours of sleep in about 30 seconds

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  1. Loving this post!!! I totally needed it today. I got enough sleep, but I looked EGSAUSTED! Thanks, Annie :)