Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thoughts on Isaiah 51:3

"The LORD will surely comfort Zion and will look with compassion on all her ruins; he will make her deserts like Eden, her wastelands like the garden of the LORD. Joy and gladness will be found in her, thanksgiving and the sound of singing."
God finds us in our ruin and dispair and changes us into something beautiful. He seeks us out when we have turned away from Him. When the sins we have chased after leave us empty and broken, God comes and rescues us, restoring our hope and joy, making us whole. When we turn back to God, He makes us beautiful again.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Thoughts on Isaiah 51:2

2look to Abraham, your father,
and to Sarah, who gave you birth.
When I called him he was but one,
and I blessed him and made him many.
Our walk with God changes us. Abraham sought out God, and God blessed him amazingly, surprising him with descendants that outnumbered the stars. The whole "come as you are and never change" thing is totally a lie. When you truly surrender your life to God, it is impossible to expect not to change. We cannot continue sinning and still carry on a deep fellowship with Christ. God cannot stand sin, but He desires a deep relationship with you, so He takes you in the palm of His hand and chisels away the sin; the crappy attitude, the lies, the impurities, the secrets, EVERYTHING, and He makes you new. This is a daily occurrence that is paired with true surrender to Christ.

Thoughts on Isaiah 51:1

1“Listen to me, you who pursue righteousness
and who seek the Lord:
Look to the rock from which you were cut
and to the quarry from which you were hewn;

As followers of Christ, we need to constantly be pursuing righteousness, seeking out God in everything we do. We are called to look to Him in both times of joy and trials. Are you constantly looking to God, are you constantly in a state of worship and joy because of what He has done for us??

Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Messy Side Braid

This hairdo makes me feel very artsy. It's amazingly simple, too, and the longer you wear it, the better it gets!!
Get the look-
Flip your head upside down and either spritz it with hairspray or massage in mousse to give it volume and texture. Tease if that works for you. Sweep sections of hair back from your face and pin the with bobby pins to create shape. Work the braid over your shoulder and secure with an elastic, leaving about two inches of hair free at the end of the braid. Tousle with your fingers until it looks good to you, and hairspray.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Quick Fix

De-pilling Coats
So I have this peacoat. It's Black. I also have a lot of animals. They shed. For some reason, all the animal fur in the house ends up on my coat, and lint rollers don't help because the hairs somehow weave themselves in with the fabric. The coat is also a hand-me-down from one of my sisters, so it's formed those really annoying little pill things all over the surface. The whole inter-woven hair thing plus the pilling i have going on makes my coat just look...well, really crappy. Solution: take a Scotch Bright scrubber and run it along your coat. I figured this one out all by myself tonight, and it works like magic!! It de-pills and gets all the stubborn hairs out of your coat, so it ends up looking brand new :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How To Survive in Washington

The dead of winter is hard. Especially when you live in a state where winter draws itself out into what's supposed to be spring. Here's how to pull yourself out of the gloom:
-Listen to music all the time.
-Spritz on a floral or citrusy scent that you usually reserve for summer.
-Go buy yourself a mango and either eat it raw, or turn it into a killer smoothie.
-Wear something bright.
-Buy yorself some bronzer and a bright shade of blush.

Quick Fix

Chapped Lips-
Take about a Tablespoon of sugar in the palm of your hand and mix it with just enough water to make a thick paste. Rub this all over yor lips with your finger until all of the mixture is gone. Rinse any stray sugar off, dry your lips, and then coat them with a no-nonsense balm like Carmax. Viola! Soft lips :)

On Snow White's Song

"I'm wishing for the one I love to find me today..."

Ok so first of all, Snow White didn't know prince charming when she was singing this song. And Snow White's voice is probably one of the most obnoxious I have ever heard, so if I were prince charming, I would have ran. Once the prince shows up to sing a duet with Snow White, Snow White says "Oh!" in her insanely annoying voice and runs to the castle to take refuge. This forces me to ask: is it really love at first sight if your first instinct is to run? There's a valuable lesson to be learned here, ladies. If Prince Charming scares you, he is probably not Prince Charming.

Look I'm Into

Everyday Natural-

This look manages to appear pulled together without trying too hard. It works best with a messy side-braid or a loose bun. Fast and easy but still beautiful. Bam!!

Get the look-

Prep your face with a tinted moisturizer and concealer if you need it. Swirl a rosy blush just on the apples of your cheeks. Prime your lids and blend a neutral color, like a light shade of espresso, over your lids. Blend a lighter shade of shimmery beige into the inner corner of your eye and upward into the crease, continuing up to the brow bone if you want. Line your upper lids with a black crayon liner, creating a slanted line that widens towards the outer edge of your eye. Set with the same espresso you used on your lid, smudging slightly as you go. Skip lining the bottom. Curl your eyelashes and sweep on two coats of lengthening black mascara, top and bottom. Finish the look with a subtle nude lip gloss.